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For foreign guests

Visa support

When you apply for the Russian visa you will need the visa support (invitaion letter). You can fill in our online form, pay 1000 RUB by card and get the document by email within several hours.

Our Russian visa support is valid for travel all over Russia. Our company is officially registered with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and our visa support is recognized by every Russian Consulate in the world.

A Russian Visa is a passport-sized document.


Foreigners need the registration when they come to Moscow.

All hostels in Russia will charge a fee to register your visa as it involves a lot of paperwork and the documents must be couriered, processed and returned to the visa holder. At Moscow Home Hostel we charge 250 roubles if guests stay less than 3 days and 500 roubles if the stay lasts longer. 

To get the visa registration you should provide us with the following documents:

  • passport with your Russian visa.
  • migration card (Please REQUIRE the card when entering Russia to escape problems with registration of your visas).

We will make copies of these documens and within 1 business day you will get a special registration document from the Central Registration Department at our reception desk. Please have this document with you during whole your stay in Russia.

Visas are accepted for registration only if you have migration card which must be obtained on the Russian border. Please require the cards when entering Russia to escape problems with registration.

What If You Don't Register

  • First, you might have problems with the police (if they stop you to check your passport), second, you might have problems with immigration officials when you're leaving Russia: from having to pay a fine, to being deported.
  • The fines that you might pay (about $50-$100 US) in both cases are higher than the registration fee. In the worst case, you may even be deported from Russia, if you don't have your registration.
  • If you are deported, you can't enter Russia for 5 years after the deportation.
  • So, we strongly recommend you to register your visa in 24 hours upon arrival.
  • Recent reports suggest that if you were fined twice for breaching the Russian visa registration rules, you significantly lessen your future chances of getting a Russian visa (for 5 years).
  • If you leave the country with an unregistered visa, you may be fined by the Russian customs officials. The fine is totally subjective. They may fine you or not and the amount of the fine is subject to their discretion.

Please note:You will not be allowed to leave the country with an expired visa. Russian customs officials will send you back or you will have to pay a fine to get an exit permit.

Personal guide

It’s sometimes hard to orient oneself in Moscow without knowing the language. We offer you a personal guide who will accompany you and show you around the city. Please contact us us by phone (+7 495 778-24-45) or by mail (info@moshostel.com) to clarify the price!